Moothart Street Reconstruction Project


A pre-construction meeting was held on Thursday March 16 with Borst Bros. Construction Inc.  The contractor has a tentative start date of April 3.  This will be mostly a mobilization day and actual work on the project will begin on Tuesday April 4.  Generally a work day will be from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm with a half hour lunch around 11:00 -11:30.


The installation of the new 6” water line will be the first item to be completed.  This means the houses on the North side of Moothart Street will be affected.  Moothart Street will be closed to thru traffic, but will be open to home owners to have access to their property.  While working on the water line your driveway will be rocked temporarily at the end of the work day to allow you access to your garage.  The street will remain intact until all utility work has been completed.


Once all utility work has been completed the street will be torn out and replaced.  The street will need to be closed at this time.  An approximate time for this would be late April – early May.  We will keep you posted as to where you can park and how to get to your homes.


We will keep updates on the City website and will give notification of any utility disruptions or closures.  Always feel free to call City Hall at 842-2692 or Guy Trimble at 350-5907 with any questions or concerns.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding while we complete this project to improve the City of Alburnett.


Alburnett Mayor and City Council


(Posted 3/30/17)

To whom it may concern - Borst Bros. Const. Inc. would like to inform you that on Wednesday 4/5/17, we will be shutting down the city water main on Main Ave from Howard Street to the School.  The water will be off for the better part of the day as we need to cut in a new tee, abandon the old line and remove an existing fire hydrant.  We will have as much prep work done as we can on the days prior to the shutdown.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  The shutdown will begin at 8:30 AM Thanks for your cooperation.